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Bluetooth handset is a good call,

Good Call Bluetooth handset for iPhone by GoFusion LLC
$79.99 at,

Marvelous as today’s cellphones are, they’re hardly ideal for actually making calls. I feel like I’m speaking into a deck of playing cards, and miss wrapping my hand around an old-style telephone handset.

GoFusion understands, and has come up with a sharp solution. Their Good Call handset is an attractive and effective wireless device that’s easy on the eyes, the ears and the hands.
It takes just a few seconds to connect the Good Call handset to the iPhone’s Bluetooth wireless network. Then you can carry the phone as usual, or plug it into the Good Call charging dock, which also has a charging cradle for the handset. You power the cradle with an AC adapter, or through a computer’s USB port; it also lets you sync the phone with Apple’s iTunes software.

Voice calls sound a little thin, but clear enough, and the Bluetooth service let me wander about 40 feet away from the phone before the connection wavered. The handset has no number keypad; you dial using the iPhone’s touchscreen. But not if you’ve got the iPhone 4S, with the Siri voice control feature. Siri comes to life when you hold down the call button, letting you dial numbers by speaking them.

Lovely to look at and fun to use, Good Call is a handy tool for hands-on calling.

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Of course, that means customers also don’t qualify for the massive subsidies that tend to drop the upfront price down to as low as $200. For those with an inability or lack of desire to get a traditional carrier contract, the 16 GB iPhone 4S costs $500 out of pocket. The 8 GB one from Cricket will “only” set you back a cool $400. The plan is $55 per month for unlimited calling and teting.

Users can consume as much data as they want, but after hitting a limiting 2.3 GB, speeds will start to markedly slow down. Of course this is a huge deal for Apple, but the real winner here is Cricket. The number of iPhone customers won’t swell too much on a comparative basis, but Cricket’s user base is bound to skyrocket. The iPhone just continues to add new carrier partners.

Raj Rajput [ MBA ]
Mobile Reviews Expert

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